100 ft – 2,000 ft depths. 

5″ – 18″ well casing diameters. 

Many domestic wells completed in one day.

H & S Water Domestic Drilling

  • 100 ft – 2,000 ft depths. 
  • 8″ – 24+″ well casing diameters. 
  • Can drill through cobbles and boulders. 
  • Pilot hole: with in house Electronic (Elog) and deviation logging. 
  • Sieve analysis: sand grain analysis for selecting proper gravel pack.
H & S Water Agriculture Drilling

  • Casing driven wells: up to 24″ in diameter, open bottom and perforated. 
  • Casing driven test well: determine quality and quantity of individual water stratas. 
  • Zone developing: wash chemicals out of gravel pack, break up gravel pack bridges, and remove sand.
  • Development pumping: up to 400 HP.

Clean out sand that has filled in well.  

Perforate existing casing.  

Repair broken casing. 

Well deepening. 

 Install liner.

Compressed air developing.

H & S Water Well Rehab

  • Submersible pumps 
  • Turbine pumps 
  • Booster / lift pumps 
  • VFD’s 
  • Install, repair and service
H & S Water Well